Freshcotton x Easysize

How one of the Netherlands fastest-growing retailers of street fashion used Easysize to increase sales conversion by 139%


Freshcotton was founded in 2001 in Amsterdam, and is one of the biggest streetwear retailers in Europe. They carry a wide selection of popular streetwear brands such as Stüssy, HUF, and Obey, alongside their own brand, Freshcotton. Their success is due to their ability to be more than just a website - they represent a community with deep roots in the streetwear culture. Customers of streetwear brands are often rallied via social media to be first-buyers of limited editions of a product. This culture fosters a close relationship between a customer and an online shop that regularly releases new drops from popular streetwear brands. For Freshcotton, it means staying at the forefront of innovation and being able to meet the needs of their loyal customers through excellent user experience.


Due to the nature of the relationship between streetwear retailers and their customer base, Freshcotton is keen on continuously investing in the newest technologies to provide excellent user experience, especially when it comes to size and fit of their products. Being a retailer, that sells a wide selection of brands, inevitably brings the challenge of size variations. Sizes often differ between brands and even within one brand putting the pressure of finding the right size on customers’ shoulders. Freshcotton wanted to remove the struggle of converting sizes between brands and help its customers to have an accurate size recommendation whenever a new drop comes out. Its high accuracy also means adding confidence for the customer and reducing the risk of having to return an item that might be sold out fast in another size.


Freshcotton wanted to help their customers find their right size efficiently and accurately and improve the user experience.


Easysize launched on in February 2019. Its Size Advice product is built on an AI-driven technology that analyses the shopping and returns behaviour of individual customers, unique product features, as well as customers’ style, fit and fashion preferences. Using this information, the AI predicts and recommends the best possible size and fit for customers.

First-time customers are asked only to select a brand and a size of their favourite piece of clothing to get the size recommendation – no garment or body measurements are required, which makes the process so simple and seamless.

For regular customers, Easysize automatically calculates, recommends, and pre-selects the right size based on their previous purchases. This ensures that the size reflects the customer’s unique fit and style preferences. The auto-recommendations are particularly valuable for a streetwear retailer like Freshcotton, as it can enable their customers to quickly purchase a newly released product without worrying about the fit and size.


By using Easysize, Freshcotton has increased its sales conversion* by 139%. Additionally, by auto-recommending sizes to regular customers, Easysize contributed to the Freshcottons’ vision of improving their close relationship with their loyal customer base through seamless and efficient user experience. *The sales conversion – a conversion from a pageview with the recommended size to a purchase.

Increase in
sales conversion

Increase of
basket volume

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