Superette x Easysize

How Easysize helped one of New Zealand's leading online shops to decrease double-size purchases by 16% and increase sales conversion by 177%


Superette, a New Zealand-based fashion designer brand and an online shop, started as a brick-and-mortar store back in 2002. After expanding to seven retail stores in New Zealand, today their online store is also an upcoming e-commerce destination in Australia. Superette offers a wide selection of the world’s well known designer fashion brands and lifestyle products alongside their own brand. With Superette’s omnichannel approach, they want to ensure a seamless and effortless shopping experience, whether a customer shops online or in store.


Creating a seamless online shopping experience entails making sure that customers are feeling confident when selecting the size and fit of their purchase. The challenge for any omnichannel is to streamline the experience across multiple platforms, so the personalized assistance you get in-store is matched online.

As Superette offers a diverse selection of sizes online - varying from different brand-specific sizing scales to 'country' sizes (AUS, NZ, UK etc.), their customers are faced with a challenge of navigating in complexities of various sizes. Feeling unsure that the size is right, customers often end up purchasing one item in multiple sizes to try them at home and keep the one in their best size and fit.


The goal for Superette was to provide the best possible guidance and help customers pick the right size and fit when shopping online. Through that Superette aimed to decrease the rate of double-size purchases and create an effortless user experience online.


Easysize was launched on in February 2019 with the goal of providing an effortless user experience and helping customers get the right size and fit without the need of buying several sizes.

First-time customers are asked to only select a brand and a size of their favourite piece of clothing to get the size recommendation. For regular customers, Easysize will auto-recommend and prelect the recommended size on the product page.

Easysize requires no garment or body measurements and removes the struggle of converting sizes from one size scale to another. It provides a size recommendation in the format that the customer is familiar with and preselects the recommended size on the product page. Easysize resembles the work of an in-store assistant - from recommendation to selection of sizes to ensure the customers are confident about their purchase and, ultimately, finds it unnecessary to buy more sizes than the one recommended by Easysize.


By using Easysize, Superette was able to decrease double-size purchases by 16%. Simultaneously Superette saw an increase in sales conversion* by 177% . The data shows that customers using Easysize tend to buy fewer sizes of the same item, and simultaneously they make more purchases.

With Easysize Superettes was able to create an effortless user experience and boost customers' confidence in finding and purchasing the right size.

*The sales conversion – a conversion from a pageview with the recommended size to a purchase.

Increase in
sales conversion

Decrease in
double-size purchases

Increase of
basket volume


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