Prevent returns before they happen

We know which items will be returned at your fashion online-shop and help to address each return in a personalised way.

Targeted approach to improve the bottom line

We predict each potential return, so shops can avoid the hassle and cut operational costs.

Decrease overall returns

Every order is evaluated on the checkout and comes with a calculated score and a detailed explanation.

Optimise your inventory

Know what brands and SKUs are most likely to be returned across the market and manage your stock more efficiently.

Flag risky customers

We identify customers with a high risk of a return by analysing their behaviour in other shops.

We’re revolutionising how fashion e-commerce deals with returns

The key is to understand real intentions of users. We do that by analysing returns behaviour of millions of users and performance of brands, SKUs across markets. Each order is carefully evaluated and given a score, signalling how likely it is to be returned.

Our score – Your rules

We calculate the return score, but you decide how it will be used. Create a tailored and fully automated scenario for your shop. You can add new rules, adjust existing ones or go with some of the pre-defined scenarios any time.

Popular rules

Each shop is unique. Some want to prevent serial returns from buying, others – reward loyal customers. Here are some of the ways you can use EasySize for your shop.

We analyze your returns for free

Get a glimpse of our technology and estimate ROI for your online shop for free. Submit a sample of shopping data and we will send back a detailed analysis of returns, user patterns and estimated number of preventable returns.

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