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Our Story

Time is wasted. Energy is wasted. Money is wasted. If you have too many returns, it’s bad for your business, it’s unsustainable and frankly, it just feels unsatisfactory.

Our engineers started their careers working within the online fashion industry. Here, they slowly gained a distinctive insight to the pains of running a large-scale online operation. They realized that keeping return costs low and customer satisfaction high can be contradictory. We all want free shipping, right?

And that’s where the thought of creating the world’s finest algorithm for sizing and fit started. The idea was to combine data from all over the world to recognize patterns and predictability among customers. And by adding machine learning capabilities, the algorithm grows stronger for every new client that join us.

We are not only changing a business for a single company by helping them be more profitable and sustainable. We are also shaping the industry at large and we help educate customers to encourage responsible consumption.

We help online shops to reduce over-consumption and over-stocking items that will not sell or will be returned. We reduce the waste of manufacturing, storing, shipping, and at times destroying the merchandise. We're committed to making e-commerce more economically and environmentally sustainable. At the end of the day, we believe that this is exactly what the world needs; less waste, more happiness.

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