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+ $0.15 per item added to cart with Fit Quiz
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+ $0.15 per item added to cart with Fit Quiz
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+ $0.15 per item added to cart with Fit Quiz
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From $600/year*
Save 25%
No add-to-cart fees
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From $1800/year*
Save 25%
No add-to-cart fees
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From $4000/year*
Save 25%
No add-to-cart fees
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Fit Quiz call-to-action button
Custom colors, fonts, icons
Custom text
Language localisation
Fit Quiz widget customisation
Basic support for unisex products
Additional screen asking about gender preferences
Language localisation
Customise the question about Height
Show Inches, Centimeters, or both
Show multiple size formats
UK / US / EU sizes etc.
Custom colors and fonts
Custom text
Questions, answers, and supporting text
Custom images of body / foot shape
Advanced design customisation
Frame, corners, borders, pagination etc.
Remove "Powered by Easysize"
Add custom questions to Fit Quiz
Fit, width and length
If applicable to the product
Advanced support for unisex products
Custom recommendation logic by gender
Advanced custom recommendations
User engagement dashboard
Shopify app only
Out of stock report
Advanced returns report
Integrates with Return Management Systems
Custom reports
Per category or SKU, deep return insights, custom metrics
Additional features
Showcase Fit Quiz on standalone page
Landing page, size guide page, etc.
Size Insights widget
Automatic mapping of new products
Post-purchase feedback chatbot
Checkout/cart integration
Coming soon
Basic support
Email & chat - 72h response guarantee
Pro support
Email, chat & call - 48h response guarantee
Priority support
Email, chat & call - 24h response guarantee
* The prices listed for annual plans are minimums. The actual price will be based on the monthly order volume of your shop.
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The results speak for themselves

On average, fashion brands who are using Easysize experience

Increase in sales

Our customers experience an incredible boost in conversion rates and completed sales.

Decrease in returns

When your customers are confident in their size choices they make fewer returns.

Return on investment

For every dollar our customers spend on Easysize, they get 15 dollars of value in return.

"Easysize equips us to gain deep data insights about our customers while also delivering a personalized shopping experience for each of our customers – all while increasing sales conversion by 187%."
Eric from Ash & Erie
Eric Huang
Co-Founder, Ash & Erie
“We improve everyday clothing by using the latest innovations in textile technology. Our mission is to make your life easier, fight overconsumption and reduce waste. Easysize helps us take a step closer to these goals by making it much easier for customers to choose the right size, wear the items for longer and be more satisfied with their purchase.”
Kasper Brandi Petersen from Labfresh
Kasper Brandi Petersen
Co-founder, Labfresh
We partnered with Easysize to help our customers as much as possible in the buying decision, by minimizing uncertainty around sizing, which in turn also meant fewer customer service questions, increased conversions and reduced return rates
Nicklas Fenger, CMO at Saysky
Nicklas Fenger
CMO at Saysky

Start solving sizing.

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