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"Easysize equips us to gain deep data insights about our customers while also delivering a personalized shopping experience for each of our customers – all while increasing sales conversion by 187%."
Eric from Ash & Erie
Eric Huang
Co-Founder, Ash & Erie
“We improve everyday clothing by using the latest innovations in textile technology. Our mission is to make your life easier, fight overconsumption and reduce waste. Easysize helps us take a step closer to these goals by making it much easier for customers to choose the right size, wear the items for longer and be more satisfied with their purchase.”
Kasper Brandi Petersen from Labfresh
Kasper Brandi Petersen
Co-founder, Labfresh
“Easysize AI technology was a no-brainer for us and really made a difference for our community. As we know, fit preferences are so different from one customer to another that it was vital for us to provide a solution based on our customer's preferences knowledge.”
Mary Young from Mary Young
Mary Young
Founder & CEO, Mary Young
Trusted by forward-thinking fashion brands