Which categories can Easysize support?

All female & male clothing and shoes. Exceptions: accessories (such as belts, hats, bracelets) and kids categories. We also have experience working with pre-owned and vintage fashion, ethnic wear and non-branded items.

How is the plugin updated when new items are added to my shop?

In most of the cases the support for the items is going to be automatic based on historical data for orders, returns and catalog analysis. Newly launched brands and items can be configured inside the app, here's a tutorial video on how to do it.

I have a brand-new shop, can I use Fit Quiz? 

Absolutely, you can! In order to integrate Fit Quiz we require that you share some addittional information with us based on the fit and sizing information of the different products in your store.

What data do you use to make recommendations?

Over the years we did a vast amount of research to identify key characteristics for shoppers buying clothing and footwear online.
Unlike other sizing solution, Fit Quiz focuses on shopper’s individual style and fit preferences, rather than simply comparing body measurements (or weight) to garment measurements. This means, that shoppers are not asked any sensitive or time-consuming questions; and brands are not required to share size charts or garment measurements.
Instead our algorithm analyses orders & returns data, product catalog, onsite behaviour, post-purchase feedback and reviews. In addition, brands can provide supplementary insights about styling and fitting of their items.

Can you give an example of how Easysize algorithms work?

Let's say, a new client from Germany wants to buy an item, and she may tell us that she usually wears medium-sized tops, but sometimes has better luck when buying large, while also often struggling with chest fit. We then look into the item performance across other shoppers, apply relevant to her answers data, taking into account both user's and item's countries of origin. In that way we ensure that we use every single bit of information available to recommend a size that fits best with her preferences.

Our Machine Learning algorithm analyses shoppers feedback and calibrates size and fit recommendations based on expectations and experiences that other shoppers had. The algorithm identifies how to adjust a recommendation based on every answer that we get from a shopper by finding correlations between expectations and outcome of all other shoppers with similar answers.


Which e-commerce platforms does Easysize integrate with?

Easysize can easily integrate with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopware and any other e-commerce stores

Subscription & Pricing

How am I getting charged?

You will pay a monthly fee based on the plan you have purchased. For further information on our plans please visit  the pricing page. Brands on Shopify will be charged directly on Shopify. All other brands can pay via a bank transfer or a bank payment (powered by Stripe). Additional annual and 6-months plans are available.


How can I customise the Fit Quiz plugin button in my shop?

You can fine-tune your Fit Quiz plugin to fit and your brand’s unique identity and your website’s look-and-feel. You can select your own custom icon, color and fonts. You will also be able to choose the language of your preference as well as personalize the Quiz for each product category.
Customisation is not supported for brands on the Free plan.

Can I edit the Fit Quiz recommendation?

In most cases we suggest not editing the algorithm's recommendations as they are based upon machine learning using vast amounts of data and are very accurate.
However, if the items in your shop have some unique characteristics that should be taken into account, please contact our support team for a solution.

Can I change/add questions for Fit Quiz on my website?

Brands on our Premium plan are able to edit phrasing of the questions in Fit Quiz but the nature of the questions must remain as in the original copy.
Brands can add new questions when needed for a particular product.


Is there any way to get continuous reporting for Fit Quiz and product by product feedback?

We are continiously working to provide you with insights that will help you make better business decisions. A new self-service dashboard is being designed for you to access performance metrics. In the meantime, we will send a snapshot report showing the first week's plugin performance.  This will be followed by a monthly report after there is at least a full month of usage. We send this at the beginning of each month showing the performance of the previous month.

What reports are available to help me leverage my business results?

We share reports on a monthly basis that turn data into valuable information for your shop. Our reports show key insights on customer's profile and preferences, Fit Quiz' impact on sales, number of predicted sizes and product coverage as well as return metrics.

Why are Impact on returns metrics not included in my report?

In the first monthly report we share, you will notice the impact on returns data missing. This is because we need to have all the return numbers in place as many of shops have a 28-days return policy.

What are the benchmarks for each performance metric?

Current benchmarks across similar brands will be included in your monthly reports

Tracking & Security

Does Easysize Fit Quiz capture any sensitive information?

Fit Quiz is GDPR- and CCPA-compliant; we do not use any sensitive personal information like weight, body measurements, etc.

What events do you track and how?

We track certain events to continuously improve performance of Fit Quiz and measure its impact on your business. For example, we monitor how shoppers interact with Fit Quiz: their answers, how much time they spend in the Quiz, which buttons they click etc. We also analyse whether whether Fit Quiz’s recommendation leads to a purchase and a return. This helps brands evaluate Return on Investment from using Fit Quiz: number of purchases made with the recommendation, impact on sales and returns.

Why does a shop need to share my historical data of orders & returns for the last 12+ months?

Your historical data of orders and returns plays a crucial role in our algorithm and ensures that the algorithm understands consumers unique behaviour and supports all items that your shop sells.  We use this data to analyse your shoppers' behaviour better and add all items you sell to our database. We don't ask for any sensitive (credit card info etc.) and personal information (shoppers' names, addresses, emails etc.)

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