Same size, different fit

Team Easysize
18 May, 2022

Have you ever owned three shirts of the same size, but they all fit differently? We all know that sizes vary by brand, but it can be frustrating for consumers that shop online.

As consumers, we love getting to purchase — and celebrate — a size down in clothing. The excitement quickly goes away when we go to the next store and realize we can’t squeeze into the jean size we just purchased at the previous store. And while every shopper’s goal should be to find clothes that fit perfectly, it’s important to understand there is more to your body and health than just clothing sizes. Know what brands fit your body best in order to find the most perfect fit. It is okay to order a size up if your usual size fits snug — that doesn’t change your body measurements.

Sizing can be determined on where the article of clothing is manufactured. When shopping, it is important to look at where the article of clothing is being made. Some American clothing lines purposely make their clothes larger, because consumers will always purchase a smaller number size. This is called vanity sizing, and it is a common mistake many consumers make when shopping for that perfect outfit. French designers tend to design smaller than most American designers. Clothes designed in the UK tend to be more generous than those designed in Italy or other European countries. Sizing all depends on the designer’s preference, and where the product is manufactured. Knowing what size you wear for each designer can help you narrow down your options when purchasing that perfect outfit.

And as for the world of online retail shopping, its popularity continues to soar, with Forbes citing 201.7 million digital shoppers in 2020 and a projected 206.2 million for 2023. But the convenience of online shopping is being hit by one inconvenient factor; the lack of fitting rooms, and sources report 40 percent of online apparel purchases are being returned, with 60 percent of those returns cited for size fitting issues. Retail websites often present their size options in a dropdown listing, without the customer being able to properly consider or select individualized styles and preferences, or how different brands not only fit differently but also showcase different types of sizing.

But Easysize is working to reshape the online shopping process, by anticipating those styles, sizes and preferences. Using an algorithm to analyze consumer purchase behavior, Easysize’s technology is lowering the online return rate, with up to a 35 percent return drop and furthermore converting at a higher rate compared to a normal size guide.

So if you’re tired of ill-fitting clothes and returns on your webshop, use this innovative solution to take the stress out of your business once and for all.