Size Insights - the latest addition to your size and fit toolbox

Gulnaz K
11 Mar, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, Size Insights! This is a new addition to Easysize’s suite of size and fit recommendation tools. Apart from giving your shoppers the most accurate size recommendations through our Fit Quiz, now you can also display additional fitting insight on your product pages.

Understanding Size Insights

Size Insights are visual or text-based notifications that indicate sizing and fitting insights for products – for example, whether items are running a bit larger or a shopper should buy their regular size. They are individually updated for each product and displayed directly on the product page, offering immediate guidance to shoppers.

The beauty of Size Insights is that they are generated automatically - no extra input is required from your end. Our algorithm autonomously determines the most relevant sizing information to display for each product. Both, Size Insights and Fit Quiz, utilize all the available data from your shop and our global database – for example, orders and returns, products' fitting details, post-purchase feedback etc.

By providing these insights alongside our Fit Quiz, you can improve the overall shopping experience and make sure that every shopper gets sizing guidance.

Display options

Size Insights can be displayed in two ways:

– as a concise, minimalistic text note offering straightforward guidance like "buy your regular size,"

– or as a visual scale that clearly shows how an item will fit a shopper.

Both options bring unique benefits and can be customized to align with your brand.

You can see both of these options in the examples below.

Scale-based Size Insights
Text-based Size Insights


We understand the importance of consistency in design and brand aesthetics, which is why we've made Size Insights as customizable as our Fit Quiz. Here are a few ways you can make Size Insights your own:

– Tone of voice: Edit the displayed text to match your brand's communication style and tone.

– Design: Update colors, icons, add an outline, and choose from a variety of styles for the scale option.

– Translations: Size Insights is multi-lingual. New languages can be added at no additional costs and existing translations can be edited.

– Placement: You can choose the exact location of Size Insights on your product page.

Additionally, Size Insights can be displayed on all products or on selected ones following a specific logic or rule. For instance: only on products that are not true to size, or products that belong to a specific category or collection.

What to Expect

With the addition of Size Insights, you can expect a rise in sales conversion and a decrease in online returns. Size Insights enhance the shopping experience by providing immediate sizing guidance without shoppers having to open a size guide or Fit Quiz.

Getting Started

Size Insights is currently available on our Premium plans. To get started and take advantage of this new feature, please reach out to our team. We will handle all your customization requests and integrate Size Insights for you.