How to grow fashion e-commerce through Social Media

Team Easysize
2 Nov, 2022

The fashion industry is a $2.2 trillion business with remarkable growth potential (only this year, e-commerce sales are expected to reach an estimated $450 billion). In addition, the fashion industry is one of the most competitive markets today. To stand out you need to be creative and use every trick in the book to get ahead. One of the most effective marketing tools to grow your fashion brand online is social media.

We have put together this article to share with our tips to grow your fashion e-commerce business through social media.

1. Grow your community

There are a lot of ways to reach your audience, but none is as powerful as engaging with people on social media. That's why social media marketing has become an important part of brands' marketing arsenal. A vigorous social media engagement strategy is the first step toward attracting new customers and nurturing old ones.

But you shouldn't think of your social media following as just that – passive followers. Instead the best way to get people to know and like your brand is to build a community. Interact with them, tell a story of your brand, shoppers, show how the clothes are made, why you create the company in the first place. Social media is the perfect place to show the "backstage" for your brand and let people connect to it on a more personal level. Once that happens, it is more likely the next time they need clothing that style, the first brand they think about is yours.

2. Make it simple for customers to contact you

Even though technology has made purchasing more convenient, we still like a human touch, especially when dealing with challenges and problems. Customer engagement with the representative must be simple for it to be successful. Communication through social media is a typical tool for this. To make this even more user-friendly, you may be inventive: how do you make sure that you're always ready to answer customers requests? Are there any timelines you have to set?

3. Get influencer endorsements

Having an established social media presence is one of the best methods for brands to obtain social media influencer support, whether it comes naturally or through a paid collaboration. The more strategically your brand approaches gaining visibility, the more opportunities it has to create strategic alliances that boost traffic, sales, and a loyal client base.

Platforms like Make Influence (influencer Marketplaces) are helping marketers run measurable influencer campaigns that are efficient, transparent, effective and fair, from recruitment to pay-out. Gone are the days of Excel sheets and unorganized chats: now managing influencers is as measurable and data-driven as any other performance marketing process.

4. Pick the appropriate platforms

Every social media network has users who could become your clients. Of course, some are better suited to generating sales than others. The trick is to know where your ideal audience is, where they are discovering the products, what formats they prefer. You can get this information by talking to your current clients, getting industry research or looking at your competitors. Your work should be focused on what really brings results.

5. Establish a regular posting schedule

Consistency is a problem for many brands, especially when they're trying to gain traction. If you have established a schedule with which you're posting: try to adhere to it. First of all, your audience with time will come to expect an update from you. Also, social networks' algorithms favor consistent posting, so your posts will have higher chances of being recommended.

6. Use hashtags related to fashion

Trying to raise the number of followers on your fashion brand's social media pages? It stands to reason that your chances of converting social media users into consumers increase as your following grows. You can use ads as the means to attract new audience, but old tricks like hashtags are still working to reach people who are not followers.

Also the networks like it when people and companies start using new features and promote those posts more actively. For example, the best thing to organically gain following on Instagram now are Reels: as Meta tries to push more users to his format, the algorithm is showing you Reels to a much wider audience than just your followers.

Social media can sometimes be painted in quite a negative light in 2022, but it is still one of the best tools for brand to connect with audiences if used correctly. Remember: be authentic and consistent, interact with people and let them see the story behind the brand. Then your social media pages will become a great source of new loyal customers.