Why Fit Quiz is The 'Perfect Fit' for your fashion brand?

Team Easysize
16 Mar, 2022

Are you starting or planning to grow your fashion online brand in 2023? In addition to standard decisions, like choosing an e-commerce platform or a payment provider, you might want look into a size & fit recommendation solution as well. According to The Business of Fashion, these solutions are becoming a "must-have" for any online fashion business.  

So why fashion brands choose Fit Quiz?

Here at Easysize, we work with and support up-and-coming direct-to-consumer fashion online brands around the globe – no matter how small or big they are. We understand what it takes to scale a business, after all we still are a founder-led team. So our approach is based on making it easier to integrate, maintain and use our solutions while driving additional revenues to brands. We believe the future of commerce is seamless, so we're obsessed with making the shopping experience simple and hassle-free.

1. Global footprint

Currently, our solutions are used by brands from different part of the world and representing different types of fashion: from bespoke menswear, streetwear, lingerie and evening gowns to modest fashion, sneakers and high-heels.

Our database is vast and contains shopping & fashion preferences of more than 17 million shoppers.

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— Easysize (@Easysize) January 21, 2021

2. Easy to integrate and maintain

We know how scarce resources are for any company, so we make sure that the integration is seamless and fast.

  • We have plug-ins for major e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware etc.
  • We can take care of the entire integration process from A to Z – it means, you don't need to spend your developer hours on it. Everything will be handled by us.
  • We don't require size charts, size guide or garment measurements. Any brand knows how time-consuming it is to gather size charts and garment measurements. Well, now you can forget about that, because our algorithm doesn't use any measurement data.

Once our solution is integrated, it will be continuously learning about your products and shoppers and automatically updating and enabling recommendations for new products. No additional overhead or time needed from you to maintain the solution.

3. Recommendation that reflects unique style & fit

Sizing today is not just about shoppers body but most importantly about their unique style and fit. The same customer might like slim-fitted shirts in one brand and oversized shirts in another – their body is the same but choice of sizes will be different.

We built our algorithms to understand these complexities of style, fit and size to make recommendations as accurate as possible. To achieve that, our technology doesn't use any potentially inaccurate or subjective data, like size charts, size conversion tables, garment measurements or body measurements. Instead, we analyse shoppers fashion preferences and find other shoppers in our database, their "fashion doubles", that have similar preferences. We also utilise direct consumer feedback to better understand how exactly shoppers like items on the SKU-level. By comparing one shopper's preferences to others, we are able to accurately predict what they're likely to enjoy. Think about it as a Netflix algorithm – you watched a few movies, and know it can recommend what you will like to enjoy.

4. Easy to use

In e-commerce every unnecessary question or action can dramatically decrease sales conversion. That's why we built Easysize to be easy-to-use and avoided any time-consuming or distracting questions, like body measurements, 3D body scans or photos.

New shoppers are prompted to answer a few questions about their size and fit preferences. No body measurements or garment measurements are required. Our user experience is extremely instinctive. It usually only takes 10-15 seconds to complete the quiz.

Shoppers with an existing history of orders or previous interactions get an automatically calculated size suggested for any item and brand. Different size formats and country sizes are taken care of by us whether they are EU 38 or US 10.

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5. SKU-level recommendations

We make a size recommendation for every product individually – e.g. if your size recommendation is Medium for one t-shirt, it doesn't mean that all the other t-shirts will be in size Medium. Our size recommendation is calculated on the SKU-basis guaranteeing that all unique product features (fabric, clothing cut etc.) and all style preferences of a shopper (slim-fit polos but regular-fit cycling t-shirts) are taken into account. We don't use shortcuts - like converting country sizes (UK 8 ⇒ US 4) or mapping one size recommendation to the entire category.

Once we make a recommendation, and a user has purchased and received it, we then reach out with a request for feedback. That not only helps us to improve this particular user’s future recommendations, but also update all affected weights and in turn improve all future recommendations. That closes the loop and allows us to accompany a user on every step of their experience.

Your fashion pieces are unique so should be the size recommendations.

Bonus. More sales & Fewer returns

Our goal is to help brands grow their businesses, so we are vigilant about measuring the exact impact our solutions have.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • 💰 sales conversion increases by 60%
  • 📦 return rate decreases by 25-30%
  • 🛒 on average 15-35% of all orders in a shop are made with our recommendation
  • 😍 shops gain $13-15 for each $1 spent on Easysize
“Sizing plays a huge role in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, especially for people new to the brand. We want our customers to have the best possible shopping experience, by feeling confident in their purchases and trusting the brand. Easysize helps us minimize wrong size purchases, allowing our customers to spend more time finding the products they need rather than on choosing sizes.”  -  Rens Robroek, Co-founder & Marketing director, La Machine