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The online apparel company Ash & Erie was founded in 2015 in Detroit, USA. They design, manufacture, and sell clothing for men of shorter heights because they saw an overlooked customer need in the industry. Their vision is to create a perfect sizing and fit system to appeal to shorter men who can't buy off-the- rack clothing without needing extra tailoring.

When it comes to designing their fashion, Ash & Erie thought of every detail from appropriately scaled collars, adjusted shoulder seams, narrower sleeves, shorter shirt lengths, scaled-down cuffs, and proportioned pant legs to accommodate all the different body shapes of shorter men. They spent over 8 months perfecting their sizing and fit system for their shirts and continue to improve their products.

Key results of collaboration


Ash & Erie's most significant challenge is to meet the needs of their customer group – not only by designing appropriately fitted clothing, but also helping customers to navigate the complexities of sizing and fitting when making a purchase online. Their customers should look great and feel as if they are wearing tailored clothes.

's goals with Easysize
Ash & Erie wanted to improve their sizing and fit system by getting a better understanding of their customers' needs and satisfaction. At the same time, they aimed to improve the online customer experience and help customers who often feel uncertain about their sizes.

Easysize started working with Ash & Erie in summer 2019 by launching Feedback, a product of Easysize designed to collect detailed customer feedback about previously made purchases.

Ash & Erie was keen on gaining detailed insights about their customers to keep making products of high quality with no need for tailoring, and has also been able to recommend highly accurate sizes and fit. By using Fit Quiz and Feedback on their Shopify store, Ash & Erie is able to provide tailored size recommendations to customers, and simultaneously collect valuable product specific data to further improve its offering to customers.

“Our goal is to get a deep understanding of our customers to create products that feel and look great. The quality of the clothes, fit, and size accuracy are essential to enable us to develop our products further. Easysize equips us to gain deep data insights about our customers while also delivering a personalized shopping experience for each of our customers.”
Eric Huang
Co-Founder, Ash & Erie

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