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How FitQuiz sizing solution helps Saysky reach their goals

About the brand

Founded in Copenhagen in 2013, Saysky was established with a mission to create premium performance sportswear for runners. The style they promote is urban with a casual attitude inspired by the Scandinavian metropolitan and minimalist character. The clothing brand's laid-back style is the perfect representation of the contemporary generation of athletes who are serious about their sport yet have a friendly and open mindset.

Despite running being the individual’s sport, Saysky is aware of the power and energy people get from working together. That’s why the brand advocates the importance of teamwork and friendship. Whether it’s within the scene of running, triathlon, or performance training, the team behind Saysky believes that joint efforts can spark individual achievements.

The fundamental elements in Saysky’s DNA are courage and appreciation. Courage to perform at your own pace and appreciation for the sport and the sportsmanship of all the individuals who make up the sport.

Saysky is here to nurture the sport and encourage the global running tribe by progressing and elevating the apparel scene of running, triathlon, and performance training.

The team is passionate about creating fun on the run!

Key results of collaboration

of orders are made with Easysize
shoppers more likely to purchase when using Easysize

The Danish brand is running in the right direction when it comes to eco-responsibility. Saysky has set its own standards and ambitious objectives. By the end of 2022, more than 50% of garment styles will be produced responsibly, and by 2025 over 75% of the total product range will consist of responsible garment styles.

The team believes their responsibilities extend past production and garments. That’s why the company has introduced responsible practices to all aspects of its business, including packaging, warehouse, distribution, and factories. Saysky is also committed to encouraging responsible consumption.

The company is proud to motivate runners to give life to used Saysky garments by donating clothing for longevity and having them re-used by a new runner of the worldwide running tribe.

's goals with Easysize
One of the reasons the brand partnered with Easysize was its commitment to encouraging responsible consumption and its dedication to continuously implementing responsible initiatives. And that’s what Easysize is all about, just in case you were wondering. Saysky joined forces with Easysize in July 2021 to lessen its environmental impact from returns by providing consumers with the opportunity to find the best possible size and fit without trying on the garments. The company wanted a solution that would ensure people the garments would fit, not only in size but to their fit preferences too. The main objective of partnering with Easysize was to increase sales conversions on the Saysky Shopify store while remaining true to the company’s goals of expanding its eco-initiatives. The benefits of joining Easysize are both profitable and eco-responsible. With Easysize, consumers become more confident in their choices during their online shopping experience. This leaves fewer abandoned shopping carts and fewer returns.

Fit Quiz was launched on the Saysky Shopify store in July 2021 to offer runners the best possible size and fit without trying on the garments. The partnership was in line with the brand’s commitment to implementing responsible practices in all business operations.

  • 19% of orders are made using the FitQuiz widget
  • 56% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when using Easysize
“We partnered with Easysize to help our customers as much as possible in the buying decision, by minimizing uncertainty around sizing, which in turn also meant fewer customer service questions, increased conversions and reduced return rates”
Nicklas Fenger
CMO at Saysky

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