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Daniel Patrick

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About the brand

Daniel Patrick, a luxury streetwear brand based out of Los Angeles, is sold online and in over 50 high-end boutiques around the world. The brand has also gained a celebrity following that includes stars like Justin Bieber and NBA player James Harden.

The man behind the brand, Daniel Patrick himself, shares his interesting story about how he started.

Australia born and raised Patrick followed in his father’s footsteps to become a professional rugby player, but when offered to play professionally in France he declined. Instead in 2006, Patrick went off to start his career in fashion by enrolling in fashion school. He worked various jobs from retail to warehousing to stay in the fashion game and later found himself working construction for his uncle’s company.

That all changed when one day he decided to get on a plane to LA and make his dreams happen (... you don’t get more ‘street’ than that). The story of Daniel Patrick is a story of uncovering one's passion, of possibilities and building your way up.

Patrick’s identity and his story become more prominent in his collections as the institute grows towards becoming a true lifestyle brand.

In the 10 year history of the brand Patrick has designed luxury streetwear collections offering customers a first-class relaxed vibe and encapsulating the new more laid-back uniform of the moment.

Key results of collaboration

increase in sales conversions
times more likely to purchase when using Easysize

When Instagram first came to light Daniel Patrick used the platform to reach new, digitally native consumers. He supported the strategy with an online store, creating a seamless online customer experience.

The only downside was low online sales conversions. As a rising lifestyle brand, the purpose of Daniel Patrick is not to lead with a product but to empower a community through clothing.

But how do you go about that, you ask?

By representing the values, interests, and aspirations of individuals that make up the community. Daniel Patrick is well on its way to becoming a respected lifestyle brand and achieves that by embodying the community’s values and attitudes in its designs. DP offers individuals the chance to communicate who they are to the world through clothing.

That means embracing personal styles and fit choices and that’s why Daniel Patrick partnered with Easysize.

Daniel Patrick
Daniel Patrick
's goals with Easysize
The Easysize fit predictor, Fit Quiz, was launched on the Daniel Patrick Shopify store in September 2021, to recommend a personalized style and fit to online shoppers, and increase sales conversions. Fit Quiz is made up of a few simple questions that then recommends clothing (... and shoe) sizes based on users’ preferences. Whether shoppers prefer fitted or lose styles Fit Quiz considers personal fit preferences when recommending sizes. After all, it’s not just one size fits all. By recommending clothing sizes based on shoppers' fit preferences, deep data and advanced algorithms, shoppers become seven times more likely to purchase when using Easysize. After launching Fit Quiz by Easysize, Daniel Patrick reported noticeable changes. An increase of 570% in sales conversions to be exact.

Fit Quiz by Easysize, was launched on the Daniel Patrick Shopify store in September 2021 to increase sales conversions.

“Building a lifestyle brand requires long-term and forward-thinking dedication, it only made sense to apply the same dedication to our environment. That’s why we partnered with Easysize to prevent environmental impact from returns.”
Daniel Patrick
Founder at Daniel Patrick

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