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How Wondery, an outdoor lifestyle brand, reduced returns by 31% with Easysize

About the brand

Wondery is dedicated to liberating women in the outdoors through awareness, resources, and the creation of a women’s outdoor community. It harmonizes fashion with utility to create practical apparel for women. Every purchase supports their mission to empower women in the outdoors.

Key results of collaboration

Increase in sales conversion
Decrease in returns

Returns are a major issue in the online fashion industry, with an estimated 40% of online purchases being returned. In order to reduce returns while keeping the overall shopping experience smooth and engaging, Wondery sought out a solution.

's goals with Easysize
To address this issue, Wondery implemented a size and fit recommendation tool called Fit Quiz. The purpose of Fit Quiz is to provide customers with personalized clothing size and fit recommendations based on their body type and preferences. This ensures that customers are receiving clothes that fit them well and will last longer.

Fit Quiz is seamlessly integrated into webshops as a Shopify app. The integration is easy-to-follow and took less than a day for Wondery team to complete.

When using Fit Quiz, customers are guided through a short series of questions about their size and fit preferences. From there, Fit Quiz provides a personalized size recommendation. Fit Quiz doesn't ask any sensitive questions, like body measurements or weight, to keep the user engagement hassle-free. After using Fit Quiz once, shoppers are automatically recommended the correct size for other items. This helps customers make an informed decision about their purchase and increases customer satisfaction with their order.

Fit Quiz was launched on Wondery in Nov 2021 and has since seen great success:

- More than 22% of all orders are made with the recommended size

- Wondery earns $37 on each $1 spent on Fit Quiz

Easysize has helped us drastically reduce customer returns and exchanges, providing our fulfillment team more time to take care of other important tasks, and also giving the customer a much better experience
Nina Bhatia
Director of Operations

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