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Rule of Threads

How Rule of Threads offers a supreme fitting experience while boosting sales conversion by 131%

About the brand

Chris Hill, a U.S. Army Veteran turned street-photographer, started the Rule of Threads brand back in 2018 with a goal of creating an affordable one-stop-shop for premium basics in a wide range of styles, fabrics, and colors. He used the money he saved up from his time deployed with the U.S. Army in the Middle East to start the brand and combined his experience with the NYC menswear scene in the mid-2010s to create it.

Fit is everything. Rule of Threads recognizes that if an item doesn't fit, it won't look its best on the customer. Therefore, they offer pieces that come in a range of different styles, neck shapes, hems, etc. to compliment a variety of different body shapes. They also use their signature cotton + elastane fabric that has just the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort, color retention, and maintaining its original shape and size.

Other key principles of the brand are “Focus on Quality” and “Made to Last”. Buying and using a garment for a long time can be only done if it fits you perfectly and is not only comfortable but looks good on you every day. To achieve this, Rule of Threads focuses on quality and making sure their products are made to last.

Key results of collaboration

Increase in sales conversion
Orders made with the recommendation

Fit is everything, so it's important to help and educate shoppers about their fit and guide them towards the right purchase decision. As an up-and-coming direct-to-consumer brand, this is especially challenging. If shoppers are not sure about the right fit, they won't buy; if they end up buying the wrong size, they won't use the garment for long and are likely not to buy again.

Rule of Threads
Rule of Threads
's goals with Easysize
Rule of Threads installed Fit Quiz, which recommends the right size and fit for each customer. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify and doesn't ask time-consuming questions like weight or body scans or body measurements; instead, it focuses on individual style and fit by providing different recommendations depending on whether customers like items to be tighter or looser-fitting. Fit Quiz uses data from hundreds of other American brands and millions of shoppers that has been calibrated for each product individually to reflect differences in styling and fitting, while also learning from returns and each interaction with shoppers.

Fit Quiz was launched in Nov 2020. More than 24% of all orders are made with the recommended size, resulting in a 133% increase in sales conversion.

As a new and emerging streetwear brand, delivering the perfect fit to new customers is a top priority. Introducing Fit Quiz to our shoppers allowed us to stay extremely transparent with our sizing which increased customer trust, loyalty, and retention rate over the national average of 28%
Chris Hill
CEO & Founder

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