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Helene Clarkson


About the brand

Helene Clarkson is a Canadian clothing brand founded in 2014. The clothing line is proudly designed and made in Canada. A real, local treat (... with international shipping)!

The story behind the brand is one built on a need to solve a problem and a will to provide a value-focused solution. Helene Clarkson, the woman behind the brand, was frustrated by the lack of multi-purpose, easy to care clothing suitable for travelling women. That’s when she set out to design wrinkle-resistant clothing fitting for travel, as well as business meetings and elegant evenings out. The classy woman’s travel friendly clothing. 

Helene Clarkson has since designed a sophisticated clothing line. Made from fabrics that resist wrinkling and combined with multi-purpose designs. These pieces are perfect for women that want to easily transition from a long day of work or travel to an evening out. It’s never been so effortless to dress up or down, and on the plus side, you won’t have to worry about your look. The clothing is made from wrinkle-resistant, breathable, quick-drying, machine washable, and non-fading materials. 

Easy wear, easy care, easy life!

Clarkson’s innovative designs don’t stop at multi-purpose and low maintenance. The clothing is also designed with multi-functional qualities. The clothing gives women more than one option. It’s easy to change up by flipping the clothing or turning it around. These reversible designs provide women with endless possibilities. 

A true gem for travelling light. 

Helene Clarkson has managed to create an effortless and sophisticated style. Helene Clarkson clothing will have you dressed in comfort and style no matter where you're headed. Its pieces have multi-wear possibilities for any occasion.

Resulting in a stylish collection of versatile clothing for the travelling woman. 

Versatility never looked so good!

Key results of collaboration

increase in sales conversion
ROI for each $1 spent with Easysize

Helene Clarkson clothing was founded to help women look and feel great while travelling. Women’s comfort and confidence was top of mind. 

For Helene Clarkson clothing, the focus was on growing the store’s sales conversion rate. The brand was already driving traffic to their online store, but cart abandonment was high. 

By aligning the two goals, boosting women’s confidence and sales conversion, it made perfect sense that the main objective focused on boosting shoppers’ confidence with a fit predictor.


The Easysize fit predictor, Fit Quiz, was launched on the Helene Clarkson Shopify store on November 17th, 2020, to boost shoppers’ confidence. 

After launching Fit Quiz, a fit predictor by Easysize, Helene Clarkson clothing reported noticeable changes. 

An increase of 87% in sales conversion.

Helene Clarkson
Helene Clarkson
's goals with Easysize
Shoppers’ confidence is one of the biggest roadblocks to sales conversion. Shopping online provides clear benefits such as unparalleled convenience and the ease of finding and comparing clothing. On the other hand, online shopping can have its drawbacks as there are items that people are more confident about purchasing online than others. Clothing sizes and fit is one of the main reasons shoppers’ confidence remains low. Leading to higher rates of cart abandonment and lower sales conversion. The fit predictor, Fit Quiz by Easysize, solves that problem. By recommending clothing sizes based on shoppers' fit preferences, deep data and advanced algorithms, shoppers become 61% more likely to purchase when using Easysize.

Fit Quiz, the fit predictor by Easysize, was launched on the Helene Clarkson Shopify store in November 2020 to increase shoppers’ confidence. By recommending sizes and fit to shoppers the brand reported an increase of 87% in sales conversions. 

“At Helene Clarkson, we provide women with comfort and style. Every woman is different and has her own unique fit preference to feel comfortable. This is why we partnered with Easysize, a fit predictor that recommends sizing, not by body measurements but by shoppers’ fit preference.”
Helene Clarkson,
Founder of Helene Clarkson clothing

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