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About the brand

Co-founded in 2017, by Lotte Vink and Kasper Petersen, LABFRESH was the answer to the problems of busy professionals all around the world who dislike or don't have enough time for washing and ironing their shirts, (including us)!

Unlike most fashion houses, LABFRESH wants you to buy less and wear their products longer. They apply their exclusive FreshCore™ technology to premium cotton fabrics which is a unique treatment mix that combines several performance enhancing technologies in one: hydrophobic, antibacterial and easy care.

The result is a collection of timeless essentials that stand the test of life.

Key results of collaboration

Uplift in sales conversion when using Easysize
Decrease in returns when using Easysize

You can have the best shirt in the world, but it still would be no good if it does not fit well. This is a challenge for any online shop, and to ensure this didn't happen, solving the sizing issue was very important for LABFRESH so as to help customers to find their right size and fit easily, and hence a good experience from the very first time.

Secondly, returns is a big issue for anyone in the industry and decreasing them was the key objective in order to reduce waste and be more sustainable.

's goals with Easysize
The main mission of LABFRESH is to make their customers' life easier, fight overconsumption and reduce waste. They wanted to improve their sizing system and help customers who often feel uncertain about their sizes, find their size without any complications.
“We improve everyday clothing by using the latest innovations in textile technology. Our mission is to make your life easier, fight overconsumption and reduce waste. Easysize helps us take a step closer to these goals by making it much easier for customers to choose the right size, wear the items for longer, be more satisfied with their purchase and reduce returns.”
Kasper Brandi Petersen
Co-founder, LABFRESH

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