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About the brand

Founded in 2018 by a group of women, MALI creates stylish activewear made of sustainable fabrics for women on the move. 

MALI is a Chilean brand that combines stylish design and sustainability with women’s empowerment. The company runs an online Shopify store and is proud to have partnered with production sites in south-America: Brazil, Peru, Chile, and will soon expand to Columbia. All of the brand’s suppliers put sustainability at the forefront of their production. The manufacturing minimises environmental harm by applying sustainable methods from wastewater usage to 100% certified organic cotton. At the same time, they ensure consumers with textiles of the highest quality and specialised technology. 

The technology women can benefit from includes antibacterial lycra, UV protection and quick dry function. MALI also applies a powerful return concept that promotes the Circular Economy to speak to its customers' values.

Partnering with sustainable manufacturers is how MALI’s founders can offer quality products and unique designs while staying true to the environmental values that they and their community (including us at Easysize) identify with. 

However, MALI’s objectives reach beyond offering women exclusive design sportswear of the highest quality and comfort. The brand is on a mission to empower women on the move by representing a community of independent, adventurous women looking to change the status quo. The brand equips women for movement through comfortable and beautiful activewear. Activewear that expresses who they are, shows off their personality, and boosts their self-esteem.

With MALI, the adventurous woman is offered an opportunity to express herself with stylish activewear that complements her lifestyle and reflects her personality while boosting her confidence.

Key results of collaboration


MALI believes stylish design and sustainability are the minima for product development, and that's why its primary motivation extends beyond clothing. 

The women behind MALI consider it their social responsibility to empower women through activewear. They are motivated to challenge the feminine stereotype by encouraging women to lead an active lifestyle and wear whatever they want without judgement. All while feeling comfortable and confident.

MALI highlights women’s individuality and provides clothing for adventurous women that reflects a version of themselves they want the world to see. The company encourages women to take action, explore and see the world. 

Through their beautiful clothing, the company provides women with the confidence to keep moving and travel.

That’s why MALI cares about providing women with a positive online shopping experience and finding ways to simplify and personalise the process. As regular size charts and body measurements can complicate the shopping experience and lack of fit accuracy reduces shopper’s confidence, MALI was looking for a simple virtual fitting solution. 

's goals with Easysize
Fit preferences are different from one customer to another. That’s why MALI was looking for a solution that could highlight every woman’s individuality. Further, the company wanted to battle return rates to reduce its environmental effects. The questions remained: How can we recommend sizes based on customers preferences? How can we reduce return rates? The answer was to increase shoppers’ confidence as that remains one of the main reasons for high return rates in the fashion e-commerce industry. MALI partnered with Easysize to improve shoppers' confidence. With Fit Quiz size recommender, MALI can now recommend sizes to online shoppers based on their personal fit preferences. Thereby shopper’s confidence is increased, resulting in lower return rates. Together with Fit Quiz, MALI’s Shopify store has reduced return rates by 32% and increased sales by 70%. All by boosting women's confidence and creating a more enjoyable online shopping experience.

Fit Quiz was first launched on MALI’s website in December 2021 to boost women’s confidence and provide a more enjoyable shopping experience by estimating individual size preferences.

Fit Quiz has not only helped MALI to meet its sustainability objectives but also its primary motivation of empowering women. By relying less on size charts and employing AI, the brand is now better able to estimate women’s sizing preferences with a few simple questions instead of body measurements and thereby boost women’s confidence in their online purchase. 

“At MALI, we are constantly working to empower our community of women by providing confidence through our clothing. Easysize AI technology made a real difference for our community by providing accurate size recommendations for the individual woman.”

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