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206% increase in sales conversions when using Easysize

About the brand

The sustainable clothing brand NUMI was founded in 2013 by Michelle Shemilt. The brand was founded to solve a problem we at Easysize believe many can relate to. Michelle, who worked in finance at the time, realized she never wore her favourite outfits as they were prone to sweat stains and expensive to clean (who can’t relate?). Thereby, NUMI was born, and with it, the intent to make life a little easier for women everywhere. 

NUMI celebrates what it means to be a woman and understands life's little unsaid quirks… like perspiration stains. The team at NUMI is passionate about their work and products because they make a real difference in their customers’ lives. Giving women the confidence to wear what they want, without worry. 

Judging by customer reviews, the team behind NUMI is succeeding beyond customer expectations.

What sets NUMI apart is its focus on the common frustrations of being a woman. The brand acknowledges these issues, and by providing women with solution focused products empowers them to talk about these everyday annoyances (isn’t perfection boring anyway?) and inspires a culture of kindness. 

Sustainability is a big part of the company philosophy. The team at NUMI is committed to the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental, and economical. Their social commitment is to their team’s wellbeing and extends past the company walls to their customers. They further aim to reduce environmental impact by working with local factories and choosing sustainable materials. All while running a profitable business. 

The team is on a mission to lead towards a more conscious and sustainable world. They walk the sustainability walk and hold themselves responsible by sharing their progress with the community along the way.

NUMI is a brand for the people and the planet.

Key results of collaboration


NUMI is a sustainability-aware brand. The team behind NUMI works on a long-term ambition to build a successful business model that positively impacts the world while remaining profitable.

NUMI further aspires to be a knowledge-sharing business. To share its learning with the broader world and empower other companies to be transparent by sharing sustainability knowledge and education.

NUMI’s ultimate objective is to accumulate knowledge and operate a circular business model.

's goals with Easysize
NUMI identifies with the slow-fashion movement. Meaning the impact of all decisions is examined, from internal systems to the production and packaging of products. The company considers its operation holistically and redesigns and restructures products and systems to meet its long-term sustainability goals. NUMI was looking to increase sales conversions on its online store without compromising its sustainability objectives. That made partnering with Easysize’s fit finder the perfect solution. Shoppers are 1.9 times more likely to purchase when using Easysize’s fit finder quiz. The company supports its partners' sustainability objectives by recommending accurate sizes to prevent the environmental harm of returns. The fit finder quiz solution, Fit Quiz, by Easysize was added to NUMI’s Shopify store and resulted in a 206% increase in sales conversion.

NUMI partnered with Easysize size recommender by adopting the fit finder quiz, Fit Quiz, on their Shopify store to build a sustainable and profitable business. The partnership resulted in increased sales conversions on NUMI’s online store.

"Easysize combines profitability with sustainability. What more can an e-commerce clothing store ask for?"
Michelle Shemilt
Founder at NUMI

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