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About the brand

Founded in 2018 by the Italian designer and model Andrea Melchiorre, Saveone delivers garments to men worldwide, with a focus on fabrics, style and workmanship.

Saveone is a premium brand, proud to be 100% Made In Italy™. In charge of the designs, is Andrea Melchiorre with his partner Valerio Bartolo. The partners ensure that the sourcing of materials and artisan craftsmanship is 100% Italian made.

The brand offers versatile styles that fit every occasion where the quality of the garments is a top priority.

Saveone is a beloved brand, with ambitions to grow beyond sales.

Key results of collaboration


Establishing an authentic Made in Italy™ fashion brand in an era where fast fashion is trending to take over? This is exactly the challenge Saveone took on.

One of the goals was to enhance the shopper experience, which was achieved with Easysize solution, helping the brand to understand their customer's style and personal preferences.

's goals with Easysize
Position Saveone as the go-to brand for men looking to embrace Made In Italy™ style and quality. Nothing less.
“With the digitalisation of the retail market, we are always looking for digital solutions to grow our business. Easysize size recommendation solution definitely helped us on our journey into the fashion-tech world.”
Valerio Bartolo
Co-founder, Saveone

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