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How Stieglitz boosts shoppers' confidence with Easysize

About the brand

Igniting the ancient fire within every woman.

When Pien Stieglitz founded the clothing brand Stieglitz she had a clear vision; To empower women to stay true to their unique selves and build a community that brings together independent, powerful and sexy women from all cultural backgrounds. Pien believes society sometimes puts out the ancient fire inside women that makes them unique which set her on a mission to reignite that fire.

Stieglitz was founded in Amsterdam and is inspired by Pien’s childhood. As a child, Pien travelled with her mother, a journalist, around the world. She became fascinated with the different places and people she encountered on her travels. Every place had its own uniqueness represented by its distinct cultural heritage. It’s this richness that Pien takes inspiration from and adds to her designs.  

Just like every woman is unique, every Stieglitz item is unique in its design. All prints are sketched and hand-painted in the studio in Amsterdam. This intricate work gives the clothing its intrinsic value and makes it noticeable from miles away.

What makes Stieglitz stand out is its dedication to empowering women. Its designs are anything but bland and homogenised. The colours, patterns and retro 70’s inspiration give courage to women to stand out and take pride in their uniqueness and ability to steal the scene.

Pien’s vision and distinctive style result in collections of unique and timeless clothing.

Key results of collaboration

increase in sales conversion when using Easysize
more likely to return a product purchased without Easysize recommendation

The brand’s core values focus on female empowerment and the representation of the world’s diverse cultural heritage. It gives women the power to stand out and embrace their own uniqueness.

Stieglitz needed a solution that could support her brand’s values while also supporting profitability and related business objectives.

The solution was to provide shoppers with size recommendations that take into account sizing, and more importantly, personal fit preferences. This in turn boosts shoppers’ confidence when shopping Stieglitz online while the brand remains true to valuing each woman’s unique style choice.

's goals with Easysize
Adding the Easysize fit predictor, Fit Quiz, to the Stieglitz Shopify store boosts shoppers’ confidence which means they are more confident in their own decision when choosing a size and fit. This in turn makes shoppers more likely to complete a purchase when shopping online instead of abandoning their virtual shopping carts. Shoppers’ confidence is one of the biggest roadblocks to sales conversion and leads to higher rates of cart abandonment. Clothing fit and size are in fact the main reasons shoppers’ confidence remains low. Fit Quiz was launched on the Stieglitz Shopify store in November 2021. After the launch, the brand experienced an increase of 137% in sales conversions. Shoppers’ confidence has also improved as shoppers are 225% more likely to make a purchase when using Easysize.

Stieglitz partnered with Easysize by adopting the fit finder, Fit Quiz, on its Shopify store. The partnership resulted in an increase of 137% in sales conversions on Stieglitz’s online store.

“With Stieglitz, I want to bring different worlds together and build a community. A community of unique powerful women. In order to embrace women’s unique style, I need to offer a sizing solution that provides recommendations not just based on size but their own style. We have achieved that with Easysize”
Pien Stieglitz
Founder at Stieglitz

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