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TAN LINE increased their sales conversion by 54%

About the brand

TAN LINE is a Spanish cycling apparel brand that offer premium quality cycling apparel for endurance athletes focusing on sustainable and durable design.

TAN LINE is a pioneer in their field. They show a deep understanding in the value of comfort and personal fit to the body-to-leg ratio for cyclists. Personal fit preferences means everything for the road cyclist who wants to find their favourite cycling brands. Something that TAN LINE understood from day one.

How is TAN LINE a pioneer? They are the first, in the world of cycling to apply sustainable and recycled fabrics in all of their garments.

The cycling apparel industry is known for an unusually high rate of returns, where comfort is extremely important and sizing must be right. TAN LINE is committed to providing the most accurate size and fit to reduce return rates.

Key results of collaboration


The Spanish cycling brand reached out to Easysize in 2019 to increase their effort in providing the best technology in cycling garments.

The brand believed in a data-driven solution that helps customers find the right size and fit. A solution that actually considers their personal preferences, body and shapes without the need for cyclists to know their measurements

With Easysize, TAN LINE was able to declutter their customer support and offer a better shopping experience.

's goals with Easysize
TAN LINE's goals was to deliver the best size and fit solution to the road cycling community and to provide a better shopping experience to increase conversions and decrease returns. A true 'Soigneur' brand.

Cycling apparel need a very specific fit for optimal comfort on the road. Size charts limit customers to find the perfect fit for their body types. It creates a sentiment of frustration when shopping online. No one wants a frustrated customer.

One of the main priorities for TAN LINE is to make products made with the personal fit to the body-to-leg ratio. With a data-driven approach, TAN LINE joined forces with Easysize to add a the Fit Quiz Plugin to their Shopify store.

“Our objective is to deliver the best product and best experience to our customers. Cyclists' needs are very specific when it comes to fit and size. Our partnership with Easysize was very well received by our customers who have seen the value of the size recommendation solution through their shopping experience.”
Jorge Morcillo Sanchez,
Founder, TAN LINE

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