Bringing the sizing assistance – beyond a product page

Gulnaz K
16 May, 2024

For quite some time, our mission has been to improve the sizing experience at every stage of the shopping journey. We've been doing this on product pages with our Fit Quiz and Size Insights features and through our Feedback feature post-purchase. But now, we’re taking it up a notch.

Previously, we've performed custom integrations of the Fit Quiz on non-product pages, but we've made it even simpler this time around. Now, any page on your shop can benefit from our size recommendation functionality. This includes landing pages, size guide pages, and even catalog and category pages.

So, what's different about Fit Quiz on a non-product page compared to a product page?

On a product page, Fit Quiz concludes by recommending a specific size for a given product, typically with an accompanying "Add to cart" button. But on a non-product page, Fit Quiz's main goal is to get initial details about shopper's preference for a specific product category. It means, that instead of recommending the size, at the end of the interaction, Fit Quiz would have collected shopper's preferences that are later used for recommendations. Therefore the final screen won't have a size recommendation but instead would simply inform the shopper, that the correct size will be automatically recommended and pre-selected for products they open afterwards

Here's a an example of how Fit Quiz could look like when added to the size guide page:

Adding the Fit Quiz to a non PDP page can significantly enhance the overall sizing experience on a website, providing end-to-end guidance to shoppers. This exciting new feature is available on our Pro and Premium plans.

To get started, please reach out to support team and check out the integration documentation.