How to Increase Your Fit Quiz Click Rate

Team Easysize
25 Jan, 2023

We looked into over 550 fashion brands that use Fit Quiz and found some awesome best practices and design tips that can help boost your click rate (and engagement, too!). It's important because Fit Quiz can have a major impact on return rate, average order value, and sales conversion. Now, the Shopify platform gives you access to the Fit Quiz admin panel, so you can start using these best practices right away.

1. Highlight Fit Quiz on your product page (PDP)

Place the Fit Quiz button close to the size selector, so shoppers know it's there to help them choose the right size. Make sure it stands out and is easy to spot.

Placement of Fit Quiz button

2. Leverage Attractive Visuals

Use the same button style as the rest of your website and product page. We recommend a button outline over a link, as shoppers are more likely to associate it with getting help picking a size.

We expanded a list of default icons in our Shopify admin, so you can pick the one that is the most relevant for your brand and products.

In addition to the legacy icons, like a clothes hanger and a variety of footwear icons, you can now also choose new ones, like a cute robot or a question mark.

Legacy icons
New icons

3. Craft Strong Calls to Action

Your call to action should make it clear what shoppers will get from the quiz - perfect size and fit recommendations, an interactive and easy-to-use quiz, etc.

The best performing examples are: Try our Size Quiz and Not sure about the size?

You know your customers and brand better than anyone, so make sure the call to action reflects your usual tone of voice and the overall style of communication.

4. Differentiate between a size guide and Fit Quiz

If you still want to use a standard size guide, make sure to differentiate it from Fit Quiz. Place them far away from each other, and make sure they look different (different text, colours, etc.).

Today, size guides are associated with measurement tables and a considerable effort from shoppers to measure themselves. It's important to emphasise that Fit Quiz offers a different, easier-to-use and interactive experience.

Get your customised Fit Quiz on Shopify now!

Shops using Fit Quiz on Shopify have access to an admin panel, where they're able to update the design and customise Fit Quiz as they wish.

Customization screen in Fit Quiz Shopify admin

We're always working on improving Fit Quiz engagement metrics, but the placement and appearance of the call-to-action button is up to you. A strong start to the user funnel is key to maximising the overall impact of Fit Quiz.

💡Are there any features that you're missing in Fit Quiz? Let us know and we will prioritise it in our roadmap!