Launching New Sales and Returns metrics in the Shopify Fit Quiz dashboard

Nick Kostic
19 Dec, 2023

Understanding the full customer journey, from the initial page view to the final purchase, is crucial for online shops. Previously, our Fit Quiz Shopify dashboard only displayed data up until the "add to cart" phase. We're enhancing the dashboard and adding additional metrics. These metrics are designed to offer more valuable insights into the impact that Fit Quiz has on your store.

Our new metrics include: Purchases, Sales conversion and Returns.

Check out what else is included in our Shopify Fit Quiz dashboard here.


Purchases are divided into four distinct segments:

  1. With Fit Quiz: This represents customers who interacted with Fit Quiz and followed its recommendations.
  2. Without Fit Quiz: This category includes customers who made a purchase without interacting with Fit Quiz.
  3. Different Size: This refers to instances where Fit Quiz was used, but the customer chose a size different from the recommendation.
  4. Non-supported and Non-integrated Products: This includes accessories, items without sizing options, products where Fit Quiz lacks necessary information, and products that don't have Fit Quiz integrated.

Sales conversion

Sales conversion is calculated from a page view to an actual purchase. Similar to Purchases, sales conversion is also categorized into: with Easysize, without Easysize, different size, and non-supported/non-integrated products.


This metric may require additional integration if you're not fully tracking returns/exchanges on Shopify.

If you’re using a third-party return management tool, please inform us so we can assist with setting up return tracking. We already have integrations with popular return systems, like Loop Returns, Happy Returns, ReturnLogic, Return Magic, and SWAP Commerce, among others.

We analyze returns across the same four segments as Purchases and Sales conversion.

How can I enable these new metrics?

The new metrics are available for stores on our Pro and Premium plans. The metrics are updated automatically every 48 hours and can be viewed on your Fit Quiz performance dashboard.

We’re enabling these metrics across all suitable stores, so if you’re missing these, please let us know.


What if there are discrepancies between Fit Quiz and Shopify tracking?

This could indicate issues with the Fit Quiz tracking implementation. Please let us know and we will help rectify it free of charge.

What if all or some of these metrics are showing “0” (no data)?

If this occurs, it could indicate issues with the Fit Quiz tracking implementation. Please let us know and we will help rectify it free of charge.

I want to get more insights and custom metrics

For those seeking more insights and metrics on your Shopify dashboard, please contact us. We already provide hundreds of stores with additional custom metrics related to Fit Quiz and size/fit preferences of customers.