Say hi to "Feedback": An Enhanced Post-Purchase Experience for Improved Size & Fit

Gulnaz K

A lot of retailers today track returns and the reasons behind them, thanks to many amazing return management tools available on the market. But, when it comes to customers who decide to keep their purchases, interaction usually only extends to simple "How would you rate your purchase?" or "Would you recommend us?" surveys.

Our research has found something interesting: even if a customer didn't return an item, it doesn't necessarily mean they're completely satisfied with their purchase. These customers can offer valuable insights about your products, how well they fit, and their overall experiences.

That's why we're thrilled to launch our latest feature, Feedback. This tool is designed to collect post-purchase feedback from shoppers, enabling shops to engage with customers via a personalized chatbot and gather detailed feedback about their experience.

How Does Feedback Work?

Feedback consists of several components:

  1. Feedback Email: An email about the shopper's recent purchase. We provide various templates that shops can customize to their needs. Shops can also use their existing templates. Integrations with popular emailing systems like Klaviyo, Omnisend, and Mailchimp ensure a quick and seamless setup.
  2. Feedback Link: Each email includes a link that is automatically customized to each purchase and customer. The link is set up to only contain tags like Shop ID and not the exact data, allowing dynamic updates for each email.
  3. Feedback Survey: This survey is presented as a chatbot with pre-defined questions and answers, simplifying the survey-taking process, especially on mobile devices.

Chatbot Experience

Example of the Feedback Chatbot

The Feedback survey is presented as a chatbot. The number of questions and their specifics depend on the quantity and categories of items a shopper purchased.

Customization: Shops can personalize the experience by using their logo, altering the text of questions and answers, and adding a special discount code for shoppers who complete the survey.

Language Support: We currently support 11 languages, with the ability to add new ones via our translation admin.

Mobile-Friendly: All our designs are fully mobile-friendly.

How Can Shops Use Feedback?

Example of the Feedback analytics
  1. Reactivate shoppers – Shops can target specific shoppers (for example, those who last made a purchase six months ago) and reactivate them by offering special discounts and offers upon survey completion.
  2. Understand shoppers better – Feedback collects more detailed information about shoppers' overall satisfaction and specific products and categories.
  3. Improve future products and collections – Shops receive detailed raw data with shoppers' responses on a product-level. This data can be used to improve future production and address issues shoppers mention, such as items being too long or too tight around their shoulders.

How We Use Feedback

We leverage Feedback data to further increase the accuracy of our size recommendations in the Fit Quiz. This can be used on a specific shopper-level, as well as on a SKU/product- and category-level.

What Can You Expect?

Feedback has an impressive survey completion rate of 89%. Adding promo codes further increases this rate. The open rate varies depending on the frequency of a shop's communication with its shoppers.

Besides a top-level overview of results, shops can also receive raw data with exact answers on a shopper- and product-level.

Coming Soon

Later this year, Feedback will also be available as automatically sent email flows on Klaviyo. This will allow shops to continually and automatically collect post-purchase feedback within set triggers and date ranges.

Feedback is available for all shops on our Premium plan and can be enabled and configured directly from the Shopify Fit Quiz app. Contact our team to learn more and launch your first Feedback campaign.