Get the most out of Fit Quiz during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holiday seasons

Team Easysize
4 Nov, 2023

As we rapidly approach the peak shopping season, now is the perfect time to harness the power of Fit Quiz. Let's discover how to get the most out of this handy tool during Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the holiday season.

We'll guide you through effective strategies and tips to optimize your Fit Quiz usage.

1. Highlight the Call-to-Action Button on Product Pages

Draw your customer's attention by making the Fit Quiz button more enticing and stand out on a product page. If your click-through rate is below the benchmark (3-4%), consider:

- Underling the Fit Quiz link or adding a button outline

- Using clear, mobile-friendly icons – you can select one of our default icons or upload your own

- Using bold and contrast colors

- Experimenting with new call-to-action texts, for example "What size should I buy?", "Find your perfect size", "Get size & fit help here".

Shopify store owners can make these changes directly via the Fit Quiz app. If your store isn’t on Shopify, our support team is ready to assist you.

Find more tips on increasing the click rate in our blog post.

2. Add Fit Quiz to All Suitable Products

We made it easier for Shopify shops to see whether a specific product is configured (and supported) by Fit Quiz: simply open the Fit Quiz Shopify app and head to the "Mapping" tab. Navigate through the top menu to see products that are missing a category, a size model or are fully configured.

You can easily add missing information directly on the "Mapping" tab by selecting products and assigning a category, a size model or both.

See how it's done on this video (skip to 10:37).

Non-Shopify shops can see the full product coverage in their most recent monthly report. Reach out to our support team, if you're adding new products or if Fit Quiz is missing from any of eligible products.

3. Automate Mapping of New Products

Our Pro and Premium plan customers can benefit from the recently launched rule-based automatic mapping feature for new products. This ensures that all new items will have Fit Quiz without additional work and is available for Shopify and non-Shopify stores.

The automatic mapping is enabled through Shopify tags/metaobjects, and product fields (for non-Shopify shops). Simply share a list of tags (or, alternatively, metaobjects or product fields) and a corresponding logic for category and size models' mapping with us and we will take care of the rest.

The automatic mapping can be edited and adjusted at any time upon request.

4. Embed Fit Quiz into Your Holiday Themes

Remember to include Fit Quiz in every holiday theme you create.

You can easily check, whether Fit Quiz is added to your theme via developer tools: open a product page and search for "easysize" in the developer console in your browser. If it returns no results, Fit Quiz has not yet been added.

On Shopify you can add Fit Quiz to multiple themes at the same time – at no additional costs. You can do this via our Shopify app and the "Integration" tab. Check our FAQ for more tips on how to add Fit Quiz to a Liquid and a JSON theme.

Our tech team can also assist with this via the Shopify collaborator access (free of charge).

5. Integrate Fit Quiz across Your Website

In addition to adding Fit Quiz to product pages, it can now be incorporated in several customer touchpoints, such as:

- Black Friday landing page

- Size Guide page

- Collection pages

- Quickview previews or Quick add-to-cart features

- Sizing and Fitting notes on product pages

All these options are available to clients on Pro and Premium plans. Reach out to our support team and we will help you set this all up.

6. Monitor Fit Quiz Performance via Shopify Dashboard

For Shopify users, gauge your Fit Quiz's performance right from Shopify Dashboard.

Here you can track the following metrics:

- user engagement funnels: from a click on Fit Quiz to items added to cart

- product coverage showing how many products have Fit Quiz on

- out of stock reports with details on which sizes and products were out of stock

- impact on add-to-cart and conversion to add-to-cart

- predicted sizes for first-time and regular shoppers

- NEW! impact on purchases and conversion to sales – our new metrics enabled for Pro and Premium shops

7. Localize Fit Quiz

If your store caters to multiple languages, Fit Quiz can automatically adjust to the user's selected language. You can also update translations via our translation admin panel (request access via our support).

Fit Quiz supports multiple languages.

8. Link Your Returns Data with Fit Quiz

To avoid a post-holiday surge in returns, make sure to hook up your returns data to Fit Quiz. Fit Quiz can automatically analyse and incorporate your returns data thus improving the accuracy of the recommendations on the go.

This could be a simple return status (returned / kept) or a more detailed return reason or a return comment. We already have integrations with some leading return management systems. Please let us know what you're using and we will set it all up.

Remember to maximize the potential of Fit Quiz during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season. We're here to support your during this busy time. Happy selling!